Amy learned the hard way that life is about change. “I was widowed at 30. That taught me a lot about how short life can be. It’s just not worth it to stay in a job that isn’t making you happy.” From the mid-west, Amy made her way out here to California to work in the movies, a change she gladly embraced.

Almost a decade spent in movie production on mostly low budget horror movies, Amy dealt with shooting in haunted houses, procuring helicopters and fetching Tiger Balm for picky stars. Then the recession forced her to take a full time gig with a production company that specialized in TV commercials. Making the move meant stepping down. “I went from winning an Emmy to sitting in a cubicle getting fat. I had to make a change.”

“I was driving my boyfriend mad, coming home from work everyday miserable. He told me to ‘get a hobby,” so, I tried Pilates for the first time and was hooked!” Relying on blind faith and a padded savings account Amy decided to quit and open a Pilates studio. During Amy’s certification training she met Amy Smith, who was also ready for a change. “We had a great Ying Yang together. She is earthy and calm and I can be more impulsive and flashy.” After they logging almost 500 hours for certification Amy and Amy opened Pilate-ology in Sherman Oaks.

Offering over 50 classes a week, taught by eight instructors, Pilate-ology quickly set itself apart with an affordable price point and a laid back atmosphere. Amy is known as the ‘silly’ instructor, dancing and making it fun for her students. And in that role, she feels she has finally blossomed. “I’m in a field now that gives me a greater sense of purpose. I’m helping people be healthy and creating a community of loving support for everyone, including myself.”

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About the currency project

The Currency Project challenges us all to see the beauty through the pain, the positive that can come from a negative and the heartbreak that can turn into a new beginning. Life is uncertain but our faith, hope and love can never be taken from us. Our true currency in life is what we make it.