Logging over 80 hours a week consistently for a marketing company Kortney was feeling the burn out. Getting laid off couldn’t have come at a better time, although during the transition fear and uncertainly took hold. Given a month left to finish out her work and move on Kortney researched other jobs in her field. All the jobs available to her meant taking a step down for lower pay. Finding a moment of clarity Kortney decided this was an opportunity, not a set back and decided to change directions all together.

“It was always a deep desire of mine to be in a wellness profession, helping people feel better. And the thought of being my own boss and making my own hours just seemed amazing.” So, Kortney started researching schools instead and quickly enrolled to study massage therapy. “My boyfriend is a chiropractor working at a golf resort. You see so many shoulder and knee injuries with golf. Sharing his love of the sport, I wanted to help in some way, give back to the golf community.”

Kortney’s positive attitude overshadows the obvious rough spots she’s surely encountered. It takes courage and faith to go back to school as an adult and change your life’s course altogether but you’d never know it talking to Kortney. “Sure I was scared. I was making a major change. I took odd jobs to pay for school. I borrowed money. I relied on my friends a lot. But the payoff has been amazing.” A small sacrifice for a big gain.

In talking to one of Kortney’s best friends you see the reflection of Kortney’s choice, possibly making a difference in someone else’s life who is also in transition. “I’m really excited for her and proud of her. She was on this really corporate path and she took a different direction all together.”

“It’s changed my whole perspective of what I thought a job should be.” Says Kortney. “I have more time to myself now. I’m so grateful I was given this opportunity.” More time also meant more of one of her favorite sports. No time to golf when working so many hours, now if Kortney doesn’t have a client you can find her on the course. “It’s amazing. I couldn’t be happier.”

Since the recession Kortney married her best friend, bought a condo and moved to Arizona. She now owns a chiropractic and massage center there with her husband, specializing still in golf related injuries. She’s been pursuing her prerequisites for grad school for about 2.5 years and is only one more class remaining until she can apply to Physician Assistant programs.


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