Don’t be surprised if this guy shows up in just about everything very, very soon. A young, but studied actor, Nate landed in Southern California 4 years ago in search of those coveted roles. Landing bit roles in travel and adventure shows, Nate easily became the lead with his excitable, outgoing personality. He will be the first to kiss your cheek, stand where you tell him to and flash that big smile as the last to leave. Dedicated to a tiresome fault Nate has been beating the Hollywood pavement since he relocated from the Northwest in hopes of living the dream.

With the crunch of the recession and the competition of social media ‘stars,’ Nate decided he had to get clever and stay busy. Knowing you’re only as good as your current project, Nate gave himself an assignment; create a web series called “Workshop” focusing on the perils of trying to be an actor in Hollywood. Forging head strong into the details Nate wrote 13 episodes for “Workshop,” and started casting. Friends and fellow actors came out of the woodwork to help and participate. Being the leader Nate is, he took full control of the production of each episode; negotiating with a cameraman to work for cheap, scouting locations, obtaining permits, and overseeing wardrobe. And the really amazing thing is that he also starred in and directed each episode.

Coming from left field and winning you over with quirky, colorful characters, “Workshop” is a mix of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Office.” The feel is real and literal, with a funny bone. “I wanted to show that I could play the solid, responsible guy. The one everyone aspires to be. The leader,” says Nate. “So, I’m actually the least funny guy of the show.”

Not surprisingly, Nate sets himself apart from the current trends of crass jokes and bathroom humor and proves himself a true actor worthy of those juicy, lead roles. “I feel like I’m much more well rounded now as far as my skill set. I bring so much more to the table after creating the “Workshop” series. I have such a respect for how it all comes together,” says Nate. There’s no doubt this newbie will continue to rise to the top echelon of actors whom are not only known for their craft but have the skills and smarts to double as producers, directors and editors; the real cream of the crop.

Since the recession Nate has continued to be a quad threat to the entertainment industry; still finding time to write, direct, produce and follow his acting passion. After two successful seasons of “Workshop" Nate went on to create another web series called “My Synthesized Life,” which won four awards including one for him for Best Director. Needing a little break from the LA grind, Nate also took a sabbatical of 6 months and lived in Japan. Coming back with a renewed energy and journals of his time there, he wrote a book about his experience called, "Journey of Self: Six Months in the Japanese Countryside,” which currently sells on Amazon. He just wrapped starring in a Tony award winning play in Santa Monica and wrote a second book called "22 Original Modern Monologues for Actors and Actresses.” I could go on and on about Nate’s accomplishments, you’d be scrolling and scrolling for days. Let’s just say, he's still working his butt off for the love of the industry.

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