Jenny & Kevin

Hair and make up artist extraordinaire and real estate agent husband had found themselves trying almost a year to get pregnant. Entertaining the idea of adoption, Jenny and Kevin remained unshakeable in their optimism. News of Miles came shortly after and everyone couldn’t wait to meet the little guy who called these two strong, dedicated and loving people his parents.

Recent homeowners, Jenny and Kevin prepared the nursery; friends and family abound to help in any way. Then the recession hit. Being a freelance household both soon to be parents felt the crunch. First the housing market fell and Kevin found himself doing whatever possible to keep his little family safe.

“You do whatever you have to do to make things happen and keep the mortgage paid. I took a second job at the cable company. I knock on doors and sell. And you know, that might sound horrible to some, but the experience has actually taught me a lot about customer service and going the extra mile to get people what they need.” says Kevin. He knows for certain he has learned skills during this time that will help him in his real estate business in the future.

As the months passed Jenny kept the news of her little growing bundle a secret to clients, afraid they would stop calling if they knew she was expecting. Jenny worked into her last month. “It was noticeably a slower year. I’d say at least 20% slower but I have existing clients who call me back year after year and I’m grateful for that. “ Jenny says.

When asked how the recession has affected her, Miles lets out a giggle, letting mom know he’s there. She laughs and turns to him. “Work may be slower but we have more time to be with Miles.” There is a joy in her eyes unmatched by any ‘job.’ Kevin has even had more time to go back to school to get his masters degree. Without the extra time he has had, this would not have been possible. In the end, it seems a silver lining can be found from such challenging times.

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About the currency project

The Currency Project challenges us all to see the beauty through the pain, the positive that can come from a negative and the heartbreak that can turn into a new beginning. Life is uncertain but our faith, hope and love can never be taken from us. Our true currency in life is what we make it.