An agency sourcing creative talent was lucky enough to snare Sabrina. Unbelievably connected to people in a genuine and knowing way, Sabrina forged headstrong into her resources and connected fortune 500 companies with their new star employees. With a smile and a killer Rolodex, Sabrina fought her personal ambitions to freelance and gave her all to this new budding company. Feeling fulfilled, but slightly overworked, the recession hit. There were layoffs. Sabrina stayed, working all the more diligently to hit numbers and impress management but it took it’s toll.

Motivated to clear her head of “work” distractions, Sabrina sought salvation in a long time hobby and love, horse back riding. “My parents bought me my first pony at age four. I grew up around horses. I would spend all day in the barn brushing them and talking to them,” says Sabrina. “But it’s been awhile since I’ve ridden. I really miss it.” Taking action to find a stable close to home, she dedicated herself to riding once a week. The beauty and quietness is obvious in the small and slow actions of preparing a horse for riding. The grooming, the cleaning of hoofs, the tightening of the saddle-it is in the small, basic things that one finds a restart button being pressed, a remembrance of the simple and basic joys in life.

After much reflection and riding time with Henry, Sabrina decided to resign from her stressful staffing position and pursue her own dreams of being freelance. She endured friends and colleagues thinking she was crazy but took the leap to create her own PR company called, ‘Defiant.’ “I think good things come to those who choose to be bold and make hard choices,” says Sabrina. “It was scary to quit my salaried job, but it was the right thing to do for my well being. I couldn’t stay another day being unhappy where I worked every day. Now I wake up, visit Henry and get to work at my laptop. I’m enjoying the new challenge. I think it’s important to try new things and embrace unfamiliar situations. It’s how we grow and hopefully how we find ultimate fulfillment in our lives.”

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About the currency project

The Currency Project challenges us all to see the beauty through the pain, the positive that can come from a negative and the heartbreak that can turn into a new beginning. Life is uncertain but our faith, hope and love can never be taken from us. Our true currency in life is what we make it.